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Sweater wrap wear 5 different ways.

Inis Fragances fpure fresh unisex scent for Ireland.


A sparkling clean fragrance.

Baggallini brand purses and accessories


Sporty and casual style.


Men and Women clothing choices

Beach Casual

Care-free casual is the style here at the beach.
Get your casual on!

Cute Shoes

Beach Accessories

Comfortable shoes to walk around town, fun sandals and boots for exploring the beach.

Pet Friendly

Beach Pets

Maggie and Henry is your favorite pet friendly store at the beach.


Quality Merchandise

Thank you for a store with good quality merchandise, reasonable prices and knowledgeable and fun staff!
-- Brenda and John

Great Service

They have a lovely selection of clothes and are eager to help find other sizes or colors! Great service!
-- JS

USA Products

I love you carry so many products that are made in the USA! Many of the clothing items are 100% cotton.


Unique and Fun

I was in your store...again :)....last week. As I browsed I was struck again by the amazing skill of buying you have. Your clothes are amazingly elegant and beautiful as well as functional... I always seems to find something I love. You do such a good job of selecting unique and fun items.


Clothes Last Forever

Every time i go to Cannon beach I stop at this store. Its the only one I buy my clothes at. Maggie and Henry have beautiful color clothing. Clothes last forever. They have great color t-shirts that also last and don't shrink. They are great and so very friendly.


Great Selection

I always shop at Maggie and Henry's. They have a great selection that you don't see every where else. They provide great service and are extremely helpful.